Porgera, Papua New Guinea

We Would Now Like To Extend An Invitation To All Our Future And Present Clients To Examine More Fully The Exciting Porgera Project.

Nordev is a private company normally involved in small mobile crushing in Australia, so it was a major coup for the company to be awarded a significant contract with Porgera Joint Venture for secondary crushing at their operation in Papua New Guinea.

Nordev is owned and operated by Greg Rains and has been conducting and engaging in mobile crushing contracts since 1988.

“Previously we had never engaged in a project offshore and certainly never of this magnitude,” said Mr Rains.

Nordev of Townsville and Crushing Services of Brisbane worked together on the project, to design and construct a Secondary Crushing Circuit in an extremely short period of time and then operate the plant for three years. The contract was for the design of a conveyor and screen system that could handle the total primary crusher rate of 2200 tonnes per hour and then to separate off and crush the required hard ore at a rate of 600 tonnes per hour.

A specific requirement was to have additional throughput while crushing a harder gold ore type from the mine. This would enhance profitability and sustainability of the mine life. Minimum design annual production through the Secondary Crushers was 1 million tonnes.

Considerations included existing structures and services, environmental issues, accessibility and process requirements. Innovation was also required for the fast track structural design task, fabrication techniques and dealing with offshore logistics. Coordinating a PNG National workforce was a new experience with communication and workmanship being a constant challenge with the final outcome being very rewarding and completely satisfactory. Because of working in an earthquake zone, specialist structural engineering had to be engaged.

“The contribution by Crushing Services as a construction partner was vital and extremely significant,” said Mr Rains. “For a very small enterprise, this project was about innovative, lateral thinking and engineering excellence in construction and project management that achieved an amazing result under extreme time and budget constraints.”

“We have a very satisfied client and a process operation that has performed beyond our expectations. This was truly a remarkable effort by a large number of people but in particular Tony Cross of Crushing Services whose ingenuity made this project so successful” Mr Rains concluded.

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